Our Testimonies

Phil & Sharon Clayton
Listed below is a short summary of the ministries God has allowed my wife and I to be involved in along with what the Lord is leading us to do. It is our goal to bring churches where they can not only support their pastor but also to be able to support missions around the world. Any finances that you could help us with will be recycled into world missions. The churches that I have been able to pastor have developed into strong mission giving churches.



* Saved at the age of 11 and surrendered to the Lord at the age of 16.

* Graduated with a B. Th. From Baptist Bible College Canada.

* Service since graduation:

  1984 - 1987  Assistant Pastor, Bus Director, Music Director and Christian School Principal.

  1987 - 1990  Evangelistic Ministry in Music and Preaching.

  1990 - 1995  Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Marathon, FL. This was a struggling church that was on the verge of closing. We began with 25 people and saw the church become autonomous and averaging 120.

  1995 - 2011  Pastor of Kitchener Baptist Church in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. This was also a struggling church with 25 in attendance. We were able to purchase 5 acres, build a facility, take the church to a weekly average attendance of nearly 200 and train a young Canadian man who is now the pastor. We also started 3 churches out of this church.

  2011 - 2012  Pastor of Calvary Independent Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. This is also a small struggling church with 20-25 people and is unable to fully support a pastor. We saw several families join the church and had a high attendance of 78.


* Saved at the age of 8 and surrendered to the Lord at the age of 15.

* Graduated with a G. Th. From Baptist Bible College Canada.

* Married in 1984.

* Served as Christian School Teacher, Church Pianist, Church Secretary and Sunday School Teacher.


Our request is for you and your church to stand with us both financially and in prayer.